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TBOX RTU Controllers

  • Onboard web server 
  • Programmable in Ladder & Basic - IEC 61131-3
  • Powerful alarm management 
  • Onboard multimedia 
  • Robust, all-alloy construction
  • Intelligent uninterruptible power supply 
  • Communications telemetry – Ethernet, GPRS & 3G, NB-IoT (Cat M1 & NB1 + GPRS fallback), 4G 
  • Modbus RTU TCP,SNMP, DNP 3.0 


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Ultra-Low Power GPRS/3G/4G (LTE Cat 1/LTE Cat M/NB-IoT) and Satellite Data Loggers

  • Stand Alone Battery Powered 
  • IP67/68 enclosure
  • GPRS/3G/4G(LTE Cat 1/LTE Cat M/NB-IoT) with 2G fallback and Satellite (Iridium SBD)
  • Power options - Lithium, External or Solar
  • Digital and Analogue inputs
  • Counter Inputs
  • Option Boards
  • RS232, RS485, Modbus, ASCII, SDI-12, NMEA-0183
  • JPEG camera option
  • native, JSON or CSV log files by HTTP(SSL/TLS), FTP(TLS Explicit), e-Mail(SMTP), secure TCP(AES-128) or MQTT 
  • Alerts by SMS, e-Mail or MQTT
  • Configuration and FW upgrade by:  › Terminal interface: USB (local) or TCP (remote)  › Over-the-air file transfer: TCP, HTTP or MQTT


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Industrial 3G and  4G Routers and Modems

  • Industrial robust design and compact metal housing
  • High data speed via 4G or 3G network
  • DIN Rail Mount for Industrial (specific models)
  • Ultra security, VPN: PPTP, L2TP, GPE, IPsec VPN & Open VPN
  • GPS tracking option
  • Wifi option
  • Redundant Dual SIM, 4G MIMO
  • MIMO provides better performance and stability
  • Advanced dynamic routing, security and firewall features


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Alarm Monitoring & Dispatching Software

  • Centralises Alarms and Data from SCADA, PLC & Remote Sites
  • Alert Relavent Staff using voice, VOIP, SMS , Phone , email, Fax
  • Staff Schedule  
  • Alarm escalation 
  • Runs on Windows
  • Multilingual


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Communication Solutions

Amber can provide support and assitance for your communication needs. Whether its a remote wireless application or a local communication link we can support you in both hardware and software.

  • Cellular Routers GPRS, 3G & 4G
  • Satellite Communication
  • serial RS232, RS485 , ASCII, Modbus etc
  • Ethernet & Wifi
  • Local Radio - 433Mhz, 458Mhz, 868Mhz, 2.4Ghz



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Embedded Solutions

When you cannot find a product to meet your requirements Amber can design and manufacture you a custom PCB design. We can walk you through the process to get your design into a product.

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