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Remote Monitoring & Control Systems

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Founded in 1977, Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies), is a market-leading provider of remote telemetry units, sensors & loggers, secure SCADA systems and business


'Your Data Our Care' hereafter referred to as 'YDOC', is a manufacturer of 'really' low-power data acquisition systems extremely suitable to monitor off-grid or hard to reach locations. 

Micromedia offers complete solutions for the telesurveillance of automated applications and software modules for industrial supervision: 


IT and industrial communication specialists, having a long time expertize in the European and Middle East market.With more than 25 years of experience in the Automation, SCADA and communication business and a successful division in France.



Wlink Technology Co., Limited has been a leading telecommunication provider, specialising in the design and manufacture of Industrial cellular and wireless connectivity device for Internet of things and M2M. Wlink provide a range of innovative industrial connectivity equipment, OEM Service, packaged products for wireless data, military and government M2M projects