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  1. Fixed IP SIMs
  2. GPRS 3G and 4G Routers
  3. RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wireless

Fixed IP SIMs


  • Two way GPRS & 3G Communication
  • Fixed public and private IP address
  • Secure and Reliable communication
  • Secure VPN Connection option
  • Roaming SIMs – Multiple Network Providers
  • Scalable Tariffs’
  • Roaming SIM’s

Fixed IP SIM’s enables you to have two way communications to your remote devices in the field using GPRS & 3G technology. Unlike a standard SIM, which is given a dynamic private IP address by the Network provider, your remote device is unreachable because you cannot connect to the networks assigned private IP address. Fixed IP SIMS use private APNs which have direct connections into the Network providers, these private APNs will assign fixed IP address to the SIM and will also provide access to these SIMs using VPN connections.
Fixed IP SIM can be configured for a either a fixed public or private IP address or both. If configured for a private IP address, then we can provide you with a secure VPN solution to connect to your remote device.  

Amber is not only a reseller of fixed IP SIM’s, but also an integrator. This means we can help you all the way to set up a reliable fixed IP communication solution to your remote assets. Site visits, surveys and equipment configuration are a number service’s that Amber can supply


GPRS 3G and 4G Routers

  • Remote Office
  • Remote PLC 
  • POS
  • VPN 
  • Remote Plant Connection
  • Solar Farm Monitoring
  • Remote CCTV Connection

Where a fixed line data connection is not available a cellular network connection is a viable option. Selecting the correct wireless cellular router for your application is important for a reliable remote connection. Call Amber today to discuss your requirements.


RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wireless

  • RS232, RS485, Ethernet, modem & radio communication
  • Communication - Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP & proprietary protocols
  • Remote I/O  - WiFi, GPRS & Radio
  • Fibre Optic
  • Ethernet Serial Device Servers
  • Protocol Gateways

Amber has great experience in industrial serial (RS232,RS485) and ethernet applications. We can support your project in both hardware and software solutions.